Friday, June 19, 2009

Have you ever met an unemployed cryptographer? Part 2

The 5 job opportunities slowly whittled down to 3, then 2. One of them turned into and honest to goodness solid sort of job offer, with requisitions and approvals and everything. So yesterday I took it and I'm no longer a soon-to-be unemployed cryptographer.

So it was time for sushi to celebrate. If you haven't been there, try Syun in Hillsboro, Oregon. The lunch planner entry sums it up..

13) Syun at 2nd & Liconln in Hillsboro, the Old Library building. Best shushi around.

There are plenty of other places to eat. The lunch planner will tell you which one to eat at. By coincidence, it was suggesting Syun today. However I didn't find that out until after we had eaten there for lunch. Spooky. The odds of that are 23 in 1.

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