Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lured Into Alcoholism By Hendricks

Preparing for July 4th, we raided the local liquor store and came out with a bottle of Bison Grass vodka (that wifey likes) and more importantly, a bottle of Hendricks gin.

Come July the 4th, we didn't get around to cracking out the gin or vodka and it languished in the fridge.

The problem with Hendricks gin is that it is the most quaffable, enjoyable, flavorful gin on the planet. So 2 nights ago, on finding the unopened bottle in the fridge, I poured myself a pint glass of gin and tonic (lots of ice, so it wasn't really a pint), quickly followed by another.

It was so good that I had another last night. Again tonight I cracked out the gin and had another couple.

I have been a moderate, infrequent drinker all my life. I've got some sort of internal alco-meter that starts pinging at the mildly drunk stage and makes the next drink quite unappealing. So alcoholism is not a problem.

Now I've found a drink so nice that I could drink myself silly with it. Its a good thing I have a brain and can choose to stop. I'm told that my grandfather was an alcy and my teatotal mother was afraid I might go the same way if I took up acohol, but instead I turned into a lifelong moderate, occasional drinker.

So the advice of this post is.. Go get some Hendricks gin. Its so good that it can turn a non lush into a lush. Enjoy.

Now back to the fridge..

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Reddirt Woman said...

Last time I had gin was almost 50 years ago... got sick as a dog, back to late to the dorm and had to sleep in the back seat of a Corvair. A real trick for a tall girl. You can have my share of Hendricks. But I'm glad you enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blog zone. Next time I probably won't be showing off the courgettes.

Helen G.