Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Bake-a-thon

A huge baking session is over. 4 loaves of bread started yesterday, second rise and baking this evening. With some luck these will turn out to be an improvement over all previous attempts, following some tweaking of the liquid mix (the vinegar/beer/water ratio) and resolving on 425 as the best temperature for crust and crumb. We will find out tomorrow.

This was followed by 6 Peter Reinhart style delayed fermentation pizza dough balls being assembled and frozen, awaiting a 24 hour thaw in the fridge to enable enzymatic action, before warming up for the yeast to kick in, thus making a perfect pizza crust.

All done while juggling with wifey for access to the oven, who was baking apple pies and pumpkin pies.

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