Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lets celebrate! I now have two followers!

So lets celebrate with a a pi pie joke..

This is the oldest math joke in pie making.

Of course , if you're reading this as a side effect of laparoscopic gastric banding, you'll shudder at the sight of the following because the missing slice would sit at the top of the restriction and induce all sorts of bending-over-the-sink episodes..

But there is a solution. There is real custard, made from whisking eggs and sugar over a low heat to form a sabayon type mixture that is then combined with hot milk to form a smooth custard, thickened by the unrolling proteins in the egg. But a non foodie British person wouldn't recognize that at custard. In Britain, real custard is made from fake custard powder from a tin can supplied by Bird's Eye foods. Frankly it's more of a palava to make than real real custard, but when applied correctly, it will supply the lubrication for the pi pie to pass the constrictive pie hole. Truly something to celebrate...


tessierose said...

It looks divine!

Tina said...

ewww..I had some of that pie. I did not require the yucky warm custard. I did however appreciate the pi.


DiZneDiVa said...

Hey, Tessie Rose pointed out your blog to me... I look forward to reading further.

Alison said...

I am British and surely Bird's is the only custard?
They do one where you just add water now!

Lyla said...

You're a dealer man. A real live pimp/distributor of quality food porn.

I'd say two followers is only the beginning of the kind of action your blog is about to see.