Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pancake Dilemma

Today is pancake day.
That is British pancake day. The day on which you make pancakes and eat them rolled up with lemon juice and sugar sprinkled on the inside. do not confuse them with crepes, which are thin, French and whussy.

My mistake was to sit down and watch 'Fat Head' on Netflix the night before. But first - some context:

I'm a sciency sort of person. I can tell the difference between bald, unsupported assertion and properly conducted scientific research that supports an assertion. Amongst the many things I considered bald, unsupported assertions are the claims of the benefits of low calorie diets, the existence of god, P=NP and the Atkins diet.

I formed my opinion on the Atkins diet several years ago, around the time the Atkins diet grew in popularity in the early 21st century. It was literally unsupported by any published peer reviewed research, and as such, could and should be ignored until some data came out.

What I've learned since then, is that we don't really know how the whole stomach/hunger thing works. This realization came after reading a bunch of research related to wifey's laproscopic banding surgery. It works, but we really don't know why.

So back to the docu-movie. It addressed the fact that in the past couple of decades, a bunch of research has completed and has told us quite a bit about how the sugar/carb/protein/insulin thing works. It more or less supports the Atkins assertions. The film makes a few bald assertions of its own, but there's real research out there and you can go and find it.

I did what any vaguely interested lazy person would do and did a bit of googling at work when I was supposed to be working. I found a reasonably nice summary of the information in the movie, without the funny bits or Netflix here.

So back to the pancakes. Pancakes are made from an apparently (under low carb orthodoxy) toxic mix of refined carbs (flour) with saturated fat (butter, milk & eggs). Pancakes come out better if you mix the batter a few hours before you use the. So making it the night before is ideal.

So I mixed the batter last night, popped it in the fridge and sat down to watch the movie, which informed me of exactly why eating pancakes is a bad idea.

Never mind. It takes more than a scientifically proven carbohydrate hypothesis to keep me away from pancakes for breakfast on pancake day. The batter was poured into a hot pan and the seventh level of carb hell was entered once more. It was delicious. Never mind, I'll go get some steaks and coconut oil tomorrow.

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