Saturday, September 6, 2008

Flour Measurements

The balance of these cogitations have been to do with food in some way. This one is not going to rock the boat any.

It is possible that I have seen every single TV chef that broadcasts over DirectTV (and latterly normal TV - we dumped the dish) give a talk or speech that explains the importance of measuring your flour by weight.

They are not mistaken. The density of flour varies with its compaction, with humidity and possibly with the phase of the moon. So weigh the stuff and you can't go wrong.

Why is it then, that they go on to spend the remainder of their TV cooking career dishing out flour using measuring cups? How is anyone supposed to know what 1 cup of flour is if they don't tell you how much it should weigh?


On another topic, I have taken to putting the word sexy into the labels for my posts in the hope that someone might be more likely to read this thing, given its enhanced prominence in search terms. Don't be alarmed. It's just me attempting to manipulate the popularity of my posts through means other than good writing.

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