Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Tampopo Omlette Moment

This morning, at breakfast in the hotel, I had my Tampopo omlette moment.

Tampopo in this context is a Japanese film concerning one woman's quest for the perfect noodle. There is a scene where a vagrant breaks into a restaurant and makes her an omlette, with some very deft wrist work to make the thing fold itself into a folded omlette shape, with all the well done skin on the outside and the soft stuff on the inside.

Google, being google, alters its search results based on where you are. Here it is in Japanesse..

And here it is with subtitles, like nature intended..

Well there was a guy at the breakfast buffet doing exactly that and he made one in front of my eyes. He made it look easy, but I doubt it is. Wifey will be most dismayed when I get back and go through the eggs trying to recreate the feat.

It tasted yummy by the way, but tomorrow I will be brave and try the fish bits with rice breakfast. It's easy to get it right since it is a buffet and you just copy the Japaneese person in front of you in the line. They seem quite surprised to see a Gaijin wield a pair of chopsticks competently.

In fact they seem quite surprised to see a Gaijin at all. I haven't seen a western face in the place since I got here. There are plenty in Tokyo, but I guess Kobe is a bit off the map for westerners.

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