Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wheat Is Murder!

For some time it has been suggested by some nutrition researchers that wheat in the diet may be a significant cause of heart disease, but this has been hotly disputed by the anti-fat biased researchers.

The China study, a huge study run by T. Colin Campbell collected data across many counties in China on diet and health. He published a book claiming the results implicated meat as the cause of many common diseases.

Then along came Denise Minger who scrutinized his claims, looked at the data and by applying proper statistical methods, found that the data actually said nothing of the sort and his claims were based on a string of elementary statistical errors. It's not quick read, but if you know statistics, you'll see substance of the argument:

She then dug into the apparent univariate associate between wheat and disease and took a proper multivariate look at the data. Here:

So it doesn't look good for wheat. I have been avoiding it while on a low carb diet and now there's solid evidence to support avoiding it.

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