Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Egg and Bacon Diet Updated

I have continued with the Egg and Bacon diet, with a simple modification
- If sitting in a restaurant with a Michelin star, suspend the rules. So far that has included Bouchon in Yountville and Viajante in London.

I started counting at 238 lbs.
My lowest weight was yesterday at 211.
My current weight today is 212. It fluctuates up and down a bit, but more down than up.

In 2010, before I started this and I was an intermittent dieter and exerciser, following the conventional diet regimes that usually fail. I got a blood test.
A month after starting the Egg and Bacon I got a blood test.
Two days ago I got a blood test.

So we can see how it's going:

Or more tabley..

I.E. Before Diet/Near start of diet/Three months into diet
Total cholesterol 178 - 201 - 172
LDL 111 - 138 - 112
HDL 39 - 42 - 42
Triglycerides 142 - 104 - 87
Blood Pressure 137/80 - 132/80 - 130/74
Tgl/HDL 3.64 - 2.48 - 2.07

So before the diet, I had and awful tgl/HDL ratio and now it's good, hopefully I will get to below 2.0 soon.
During the diet, starting immediately with the diet, my triglycerides improved and are now excellent (84).
LDL shot up (bad) at the start of the diet but settled back
HDL went up (good) and stayed there.

The combination of higher HDL and Low triglycerides is evidence of large fluffy LDL particles which is very strong protection against cardiovascular disease (CVD). Whereas before I started the high triglycerides and poor tgl/HDL was evidence of small artherogenic LDL particles and ongoing atherosclerosis.

So this is good evidence that this is making me more healthy, preventing atherosclerosis and if any was present, reversing it.

In order to be more certain, I'm going in for an NMR blood test that should directly measure LDL particle size and number and a lot of other numbers that could reveal my state of health and confirm or refute that the diet is going well.

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